Yoga for Athletes – Athletes Using Yoga

Athletes Using Yoga

An important question to ask yourself is what can yoga do for me as an athlete? I think the real question is, what doesn’t it do… The benefits for athletes using yoga as a tool for training athleticism are tremendous! Athletes that use yoga can take there fitness to the next level.

Why do Athletes do Yoga?

Yoga is a powerful source of training that improves strength, flexibility, balance, agility, endurance, core, and overall fitness. Yoga is the only training source, that I’m aware of, that incorporates all these different types of fitness goals. I have seen famous athletes using yoga for their sport, such as, Giancarlo Stanton (Baseball), Peyton Manning (Football), Kevin Love (Basketball), and Jermaine Jones (Soccer). There are plenty of other athletes using yoga, but these are the most famous and successful athletes that come to mind.  Yoga is such a broad practice and you can take it in however you please. The most important aspect is that you learn how to use your body, while feeling each and every muscle.

Athletic Fitness Training Encourages You All to do Yoga!

Yoga can be a great way to redefine your athletic build. It is one of the best training styles to obtain perfect posture. It utilizes different poses that will help you loosen up tight muscles and strengthen your weak/loose muscles. This will eliminate Muscular Imbalances and prevent most injuries! I recommend that all athletes drop their current training program and start doing some sort of yoga practice. Yoga invariably improves joint and muscular flexibility, which is crucial to the body’s overall structural soundness. Athletes need to be built from the ground up! This type of restructuring will add enhanced joint and muscle flexibility, which translates to greater range of motion, or an increase in the performance latitude for a particular movement or series of movements. (ANY and ALL athletic movement)

Stop working out and start training. Start your yoga practice today! There are plenty of yoga videos online that can help get you started. For example, type yoga for tight hip flexors into youtube. There is a yoga video for pretty much everything you could want. I’ll be posting yoga poses, so you’ll have a guideline to follow. Be on the lookout for new content!

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