Welcome to Athletic Fitness Training

Welcome to Athletic Fitness Training

To all you Athletes, first I would like to thank you for stopping by my page, athletic fitness training.

My name is Tyler Scott. Athletic Fitness is a place for you to excel in your training. This site can help you with sports, mental health, and just an overall healthier lifestyle. I will have posts that will pertain to explosive training, mobility, and nutrition. No matter what fitness level you are at, you will be able to gain knowledgeable information that can transform your body and performance.

I will be uploading videos of workouts that I am currently doing and that I think are the most effective. I will create different training styles that will pertain to either individual sports or workouts that can pertain to all sports. It is my goal/mission to share with you the success that I have received from my training and to share it with you all. I know I’ve had my struggle of searching for workouts, nutrition, mobility, ect. that would actually benefit me. I hope here I can provide you with a better understanding of the fundamentals of building a great athlete.

In a few months I will develop challenges that may pertain to a certain individual athlete. They will be designed to focus on either strength, mobility, or speed. I will be doing these challenges along with you and sharing my personal success with the challenge. I hope to provide a challenge that can pertain to every athlete out there! They will be essentially 31 day challenges, because your body adapts to training so we will want to be constantly changing our training regimen.

Stay tuned for some awesome content that will persuade you to become a better athlete! If you have any questions, then drop them in the comment section below.