Sprinting vs Long Distance Running: Which One?

sprinting vs long distance running

All Athletes Need to Sprint

Sprinting vs long distance running has been controversial for some time now. There is one thing that we all need to agree with though, and that is that all athletes need to incorporate sprint work. In all sports, you need to involve fast and explosive movements. The only exception is marathon runners that are training to run a long time. Listed below are going to be 3 reasons that you need to sprint!


Reason 1: To Look Like an Athlete, Train Like an Athlete

There is a reason that athletes have the body that everyone strives for. The only way to obtain that look is to train the way an athlete does. Who would of thought? Any training that involves fast and explosive movement is going to give you the physique of an athlete.

Reason 2: Sprints Increase Athleticism

Long distance running will only make marathon runners better athletes. If you want to run faster, then you have to run at your fastest capability. This increases your ability to run faster by constantly pushing your limits. This transfers over into sports because you have to have the ability for an explosive first move. For example, a soccer player needs to have the ability to move as fast as he can to get to the ball first.

Reason 3: Sprinting Improves Endurance

A lot of people like to mix up their long distance running and sprinting in their work out regimen, but sprinting is all you need to have stamina and endurance. Sprints will make you faster, by which when your in your sport not moving as fast it requires you to use a lot less energy. Your body doesn’t require as much energy when you are jogging. Sprinting improves a runners overall running economy, while long-distance running will only improve the ability to run long-distance. Sprinting basically kills two birds with one stone.


While long-distance running can still be a beneficial exercise, sprinting will always outweigh it when it comes to athletes. The best athletes in the world have all these common attributes, which are; lean, quick, and explosive. Sprinting will give you all!

Feel free to comment below with your thoughts on the topic and I’d be interesting in hearing how you guys incorporate running into your training regimen.