Motivational Thoughts: Mind Over Matter

Mind Over Matter

I am sure you have heard the phrase mind over matter before. For those that don’t know what it means; it is the use of willpower to overcome physical problems. How many of you actually apply it to your daily life? The brain is the most powerful muscle that we have! Technically speaking it is not a muscle, but it definitely can behave like one. Brain health is the start for any and all muscle health to be possible. We only have so much willpower/mental energy in a day. Our mindset will determine if were are going to be winners or losers! We need to determine how we can replenish the mind to be successful every day.

Limited WillpowerMind over Matter

Do we really have a limited amount of willpower each day? It is a complicated answer, but in short yes. There have been several studies that have looked into the willpower depletion. It was repeatedly found that we in fact can exhaust our supply of willpower in a day, similar to exhausting a muscle in the gym. They say mind over matter, but sometimes you can’t find the strength. So what can we do to make sure we don’t exhaust all of our mental power?

3 Things That Will Help Maintain Willpower

  1. Sleep is the ultimate source to replenish your mind. The weird thing though is that when we sleep, our brain is actually working just as hard as when we are awake. When we are awake though their are brain functions that have to be active, and we can only use so much of our brain power at once. I believe roughly 10% is only active at one time. When we sleep it has the ability to access other parts of the brain that we don’t use while we are awake. The ultimate goal with sleep is to collect everything that we have done and store it, and take out all the toxins.
  2. Diet is an excellent way to help your body to maintain its willpower. It has been said that when we use our willpower we use extra amounts of glucose than normal. It has the same effect on exercise and our muscles as well. So a logical acquisition here would be to consume more glucose! The best source of foods to restore our glucose levels is from Carbs.
  3. Being mindful and conscientious of what we are using are willpower for. It is important to plan the things that you want to do the night before. For example: the amount of carbs your going to eat, writing down a workout plan, That way when you wake up, the willpower it took to actually get you in the mindset had already been implemented. If you put yourself in a position where you don’t have to make as many decisions then you won’t use as much willpower.

How Will This Improve Athletic Performance?

When we start to take control of our willpower and understand it, then we can build. When your willpower is fatigued you won’t achieve anything! Have you ever had the feeling of being unmotivated and high levels of anxiety? How you decide to act on these feeling is how you can make all the difference in the world.If your willpower is still fresh, you can use it to transform your anxiety into excitement and focus your attention. If your willpower is fatigued, you’ll be in less control of your attention and suffer from your anxiety. This has a direct effect on your performance, even if you aren’t an athlete. I always tell myself in tough times saying “mind over matter.”

  • Stop procrastinating!
  • Manage your priorities!
  • Start Organizing!

Once you recover from using willpower, (sleep and carbs), then your willpower is stronger than ever. It is almost the same thing with your muscles! Don’t over-train, don’t under-train.



Everyday new things pop up that we are not ready to handle, causing us to use more willpower. In times of stressful days please take my advice and relax. I like to meditate and use yoga as my tool of relaxation. It takes a great deal of willpower to meditate, but it restores it right away! It’s a win, win situation.


We have the most willpower after a good night’s rest and a good dose of carbs. This sounds a lot like what we do to prepare our muscles for the next workout. Understanding what willpower is will already impact your decisions of how to deal with it. When you have the focus and ability to understand your willpower, then overtime you’ll be able to increase your self-control. When you start to get into these routine, then you will not need as much willpower. This type of behavior is how we can grow and improve our lives and our athletic careers one step at a time.

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