Everlast Heavy Bag Review: Boxing for Cardio

Everlast Heavy Bag Review

Everyone has a different style of training when it comes to their cardio. Boxing is a great form of training, because it’s explosive, high intensity, and fun! Everyone is looking for a fun way to train cardio right? That is why I recommend boxing. It is a great way for athletes to stay in shape, while staying explosive. Below is the Everlast heavy bag review.

Product: Everlast 100lb. Heavy BagEverlast Heavy Bag Review

Place to Buy: Amazon.com

Use: Training/Cardio/Strength

Accessories: Gloves and Wraps, Everlast Wood Beam Hanger

Rating: 10/10


Everlast Heavy Bag Review

Why Should You Box?

A question you are probably asking yourself is why would I need a heavy bag or why should I box? You should box because it is a great way to incorporate cardio into your workout. Have you ever seen a boxer that was out of shape? I know I haven’t.

If you read my last post on high intensity interval training (H.I.I.T), then you’ll come to realize that boxing is a Hiit workout.

Level of Fitness

The level of fitness you need to box is actually very low! We all having a starting point that we can build on. When I first started using boxing as cardio I could barely go 3 rounds of 30 seconds on the heavy bag. Anyone can box for cardio!

EquipmentEverlast Heavy Bag Review

Obviously, you will need the heavy bag if you are wanting to hit something. I recommend a heavier bag, because it won’t move as much. Especially, if you have a strong punch!

Also, usually gloves and hand wraps will come along with it. Those two are important though. You want to stay free of injuries!

The last thing that I recommend with the heavy bag is the wooden beam hanger, instead of a stationary stand. They tend to wobble and fall over.

My Personal Experience with Boxing

I started doing boxing workouts around the age of 19. I lost a lot of weight and made a huge transformation within 2 months of training. Check out my story here.

The training guide I used was a very basic guide that almost anyone can follow.

Sample Routine
  • Foam roll/Dynamic warm up
  • Shoulder activation drills (Bands)
  • Agility/Footwork
    • Left Jab/Right Jab: 3 rounds at 30 seconds each (30 second rest)
    • Left Hook/Right Hook: 3 rounds at 30 seconds each (30 second rest)
    • Freestyle round (Hit the bag anyway you want) 3 rounds of 1 minute 30 second (30 sec. rest)
  • Jump Rope
    • Standard Jump Rope 3 sets of 1 minute (30 second rest)
    • Boxer shuffle 5 sets of 30 seconds (10 second rest)
    • Freestyle 3 rounds of 40 seconds (20 second rest)
  • Ab Routine
  • Static Stretching Cool down

If you are interested in more details about the sample boxing routine. Comment below if you’d like a separate post on that!


This Everlast Heavy Bag Review should have left you with the motivation of getting up and exercising in a fun way. I recommend the Heavy Bag to any and all athletes! It improves strength, stamina, agility/footwork, and explosiveness. All athletes will benefit from this training style! If you don’t already own a heavy bag, I’ll drop a link below where you can get one today!!!