Improve Shoulder Mobility

3 Steps to Improve Shoulder Mobility

How Do I Improve Shoulder Mobility? Our shoulders and our hips are the most important areas to focus on when looking to increase our range of motion. They are the only areas that have the ball and socket joint, which is partially spherical end lies in a socket, allowing for […]

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The Best Exercise for Athletes: Learn it Now

Best Exercise The best exercise for athletes is the Squat! Every athlete should be squatting. I look around and their are a lot of talented athletes that neglect this lift. It it is the most functional and beneficial lift! I am going to list the reasons why you need to […]

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High intensity interval training workout plan

High Intensity Interval Training Workout Plan: Athletes

High Intensity Interval Training Workout Plan For Athletes: There are many different workouts for high intensity interval training. The best kind of H.I.I.T. workout will hit every muscle. I’m going to share with you one of the best high intensity interval training workout plan that will benefit all athletes.   […]

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Yoga for Athletes – Athletes Using Yoga

Athletes Using Yoga An important question to ask yourself is what can yoga do for me as an athlete? I think the real question is, what doesn’t it do… The benefits for athletes using yoga as a tool for training athleticism are tremendous! Athletes that use yoga can take there […]

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