Improve Shoulder Mobility

3 Steps to Improve Shoulder Mobility

How Do I Improve Shoulder Mobility? Our shoulders and our hips are the most important areas to focus on when looking to increase our range of motion. They are the only areas that have the ball and socket joint, which is partially spherical end lies in a socket, allowing for […]

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Motivational Thoughts: Mind Over Matter

Mind Over Matter I am sure you have heard the phrase mind over matter before. For those that don’t know what it means; it is the use of willpower to overcome physical problems. How many of you actually apply it to your daily life? The brain is the most powerful […]

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The Best Exercise for Athletes: Learn it Now

Best Exercise The best exercise for athletes is the Squat! Every athlete should be squatting. I look around and their are a lot of talented athletes that neglect this lift. It it is the most functional and beneficial lift! I am going to list the reasons why you need to […]

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Meal Prep for Muscle Gain

Meal Prep for Muscle Gain: How to Meal Prep

Meal Prep for Muscle Gain The only way to succeed is by¬† measuring your goals, so stop guessing and start measuring! I’ve have heard time and time again of people saying they eat so much, but are not gaining any weight. Are you actually eating as much as you think […]

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High intensity interval training workout plan

High Intensity Interval Training Workout Plan: Athletes

High Intensity Interval Training Workout Plan For Athletes: There are many different workouts for high intensity interval training. The best kind of H.I.I.T. workout will hit every muscle. I’m going to share with you one of the best high intensity interval training workout plan that will benefit all athletes.   […]

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